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TOMA Errol , known as JAHMAI was born in St-Martin (France) on the 11th July 1980 , he started singing and dancing at the age of 11 years old with his good friend ‘The Rod’ and his older brother Jahleaf in 1995 who had then became the youngest leader of the Nyahbinghi drumming of St-Martin Solidarity Federation Group. In 2005 Jahmai self produced his first album ‘HOW THEM FEEL’ more than 1000 copies were sold! he was invited for the launch of the St-Martin Radio Station (Youths Radio) as well at the Water Front Musical National Festival where he performed and he received strong support from political leaders, he also opened shows for many artist’s such as NASIO FONTAINE, BARRINGTON LEVY , BUJU BANTON and the MARLEY`s Family, he performed on many shows in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe, Anguilla & Martinique.In 2010 Jahmai had many concerts & performed besides Artists like DLC, FLOX , AGANA, BABY G, VICTOR O, STEVIE MAHE, TIWONY ; DADDY MORIS ; MAD KILLA ; YANISS ADOUA ; GAUDI ; N.O.H.A,THE EGG, THE SPARKS, WILL AND THE PEOPLE, and THE legendary ABYSSINIANS.

JAHMAI also worked with FLOX on the track ‘BELEIVE’ which was released in March 2011 and is still available on Itunes, and many digital platforms.

JAHMAI’s album ‘LIFE IS 2 SHORT’ is a fusion of Dance-Hall Hip-hop, which was released since the 7th of may 2012 and is available on Itunes on other digital platforms.
JAHMAI has done a numerous amount of shows in Paris ; in France the U.K at the London (Jazz-cafe) Germany ,Netherlands ; Belgium ; Swizerlands JAHMAI also works with International Composer and Producer GAUDI and has released The new album ‘IN BETWEEN TIMES’, the track ‘LIFE’ has been released worldwide by the Six Degrees Record Label in California, If you follow the strong connective trail of Reggae element throughout and you will find yourself in an album of ever varying favourites that engages you by turns to move with it or just to kick back and relax. It is a skilfully produced and beautifully crafted album where the world of analogue electronic meets powerful vocal and accomplished instrumentalists . ‘IN BETWEEN TIMES’ also features a noteworthy of collection of musicians who have contributed to this worldly Dub excursion including : MICHEAL ROSE, LEE SCRATCH PERRY, TWILIGHT CIRCUS, THE ORBS , RAJA RAM, DANY LADWA, HEDFLUX, DENNIS BOVELL, DEADLY HUNTA, JAHMAI and TAHAR. Available in all good records stores worldwide and all official online retailers Released worldwide by Six Degrees Records.

‘’... Walking the line between genres, between philosophies, between cultures, between past and future, the spaces between the notes – that is what this album is about, It is, to some degree, where we all are now, a point of change.. In Between Times.
Jahmai is also working on he´ working on a New album Dub Reggae for 2019
Stay tune...


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MUSIQUE. Le retour du Jahmaï

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L’artiste saint-martinois s’apprête à sortir son nouveau single « War », teaser de son troisième album, autoproduit grâce au lancement de son label Jahmaï Music Entertainment. De retour de sa tournée européenne, Toma Errol, alias Jahmaï, a posé ses valises à Saint-Martin pour une durée indéterminée. L’occasion pour lui de retrouver sa famille et de promouvoir son prochain single sur sa terre natale. Après un premier album autoproduit en 2005 et un deuxième signé par le label Starclash Records, Jahmaï retourne à l’autoproduction pour son troisième opus. Depuis 6 mois, l’artiste reggae de 38 ans travaille sur le lancement de son propre label, Jahmaï Music Entertainment. «Il y a tellement de choses à savoir dans la musique




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Life is 2 Short

Live in Paris


01 - Wine 

02 - Think Twice

03 - flex with Me

04 - jahmai face

05 - Life is Short

06 - The Set up

07 - Take the Bad

08 - The Strugle

09 - Keep It Real

10 - Take The Badremix


.. Walking the line between genres, between philosophies, between cultures, between past and future, the spaces between the notes – that is what this album is about, It is, to some degree, where we all are now, a point of change..



139 Rue Oberkamf, FR-75011 Paris

+33 (0) 61 52 07 211


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